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Monthly Songwriter Audition

<How to Apply Monthly Songwriter Audition>


1) Songs to submit : Total 2 songs

- Released or already submitted songs will not be accepted (free genre)

- Guide vocal recorded demos with completed songwriting (melody and lyrics) and track


2) How to Submit

- Complete audition website registration  → Click 'Submit' Button below → Fill in the required fields and upload the Demos.


3) Deadline of Audition

- 25th of Every Month (* Only submissions up to every 25th will be monitored.)


4) Benefits

- Best writers chosen every half year will be notified individually and an opportunity will be given to participate the Song Camp Audition held twice a year.


5) Notice

- All the Copyrights belong to the creator, and there may not be any winner as a result of the Audition.




Q. How to apply as a team?

- There are two tabs in the application form (Individual/Team), so please select "Team" tab and submit. Up to 3 people can apply as a team. Click "Add" Button on the bottom right side to add additional member.


Q. How can I check if the application is submitted properly?

- Please check "My Page" after log-in.


Q. How do I edit any information on the application submitted?

- Please enter "My Page" and withdraw application to re-submit.


Q. I can't find the Apply button.

- In below cases, you will not see the Apply Button.

1. If you already submitted the application.

2. If there are no audition in process.